Bedding items make part of your life necessary that stay with you every night. Your pajama and pillowcases maybe pure colour or designed that match your taste. However, have you think about having custom embroidery as your bedding items?

Like other life necessaries, the style of your bedding items also reflect your lifestyle. Not only colour and printed images, you can now have custom embroidery that has your name, or other favourite things as your bedding items.

Not Just Pajama makes the top custom embroidery that tells you the speciality of having customize bedding items. 

Representative Bedding

Believe or not? Custom embroidery can make your bedding items become special, even memorable. It doesn’t matter that your pajama sets are long sleeves or short sleeves, shirt dress or velvet lounge wear, they can all become custom embroidery if you like. Custom embroidery can apply to various bedding items, and there are three choices:  

  1. Pillowcase
  2. Night-robe
  3. Pajama set

You can make your pajama set as custom embroidery by putting your name, your birthday date, anniversary date or the numbers that you like on the pajama. Not just words and numbers, but also the symbols that you like: put a love heart next to your name on the sleeves, or a cat head, your favourite flower, even your star sign! You can customize your pajama set in the way you like!

 It is the same to your pillowcases. You can make them into custom embroidery by adding the symbol that represents you. The pillowcases can also become custom embroidery that remind you the wedding anniversary date.

If you and your partner both have night-robes, you can make them into custom embroidery by putting words such as “Mr Right”, “Dear”, “Husband” and “Wife” on each other’s robe-cuff and robe-back. Make bedding items as custom embroidery is not only a method that expose your life style, but also a method to shorten the distance between you and your spouse.

With custom embroidery, there is a possibility that you can hardly lose your pajama or night-robe at some night-time parties. For they all have your name or your symbols that your friends know. Customized bedding items also help new friends to know more about you quickly because they are representative items.


Gifts to Family and Friends

Custom embroidery also makes special bedding items that drag you and your family and friends closer. It will be awesome if you give customized bedding items as gifts to them. These custom embroidery reflect your love and understandings to your family and friends. They will remember that you gave them something that are not just bedding items, but a pack of representative gifts that showed your caring heart towards them.


Get Custom Embroidery Bedding Now!

It is not difficult to get customized bedding now. Not Just Pajama provides custom embroidery services to pajama set, pillowcase and night-robe. Just buy new bedding items from us with request of customize service, and you will get the ideal custom embroidery!