About Us

Not Just Pajama is a brand-new take on modern sleepwear.

Founded in London 2015 through original design, it creates silk products that are as young and fashionable as they are luxurious.

Made from the finest, sustainably sourced silk, our mission is to bring "Gentleness to wear" to answer to a past-paced life for independent and gentle souls that we believe you embody so well.

Organic Silk

We use pure Mulberry silk as our main fabric, which is an organic fiber with a relatively low carbon footprint, low soil and low land impact. Mulberry leaves trees help to store carbon.

Our fabric production processes use a specialized dye that is free of any harmful pollutants. All of our products go through further testing to ensure that no harmful chemical is used in our production process.

All of our silk products are always recycled. We take special care to eliminate any waste during production.

When you buy one of our pajama, you're not only buying the product, you are also contributing to ensuring maintaining a long history of Chinese know-how silk production.

Most of our products are designed in a way that they can be reused for different purposes.


Sustainability is of key importance at Not Just Pajama. We are committed into making you feel sophisticated and comfortable at home, and ensuring that the clothes you wear are made in sustainable and ethical conditions.

Not Just Pajama has been supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals since Day 1. Our values are integrated throughout our entire supply chain, from sourcing to distribution, ensuring that each member of our community is enjoying suitable working conditions.

Our long-lasting unique pieces of clothing are made in a small-scale factory, where organic fabrics and traditional know-how are at the center of every single creation we make. What drives us is our hope to make a better future, through ethical, responsible behavior.

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Brand Development

As strong supporters of slow fashion, we always make sure to offer best quality long-lasting products and develop globally and sustainably, working with many ethical retailers & partners like Wolf&Badger, Showfields New York and Seezona.. etc.

The brand is participating well-known exbition, Fashion Exhibition Première Classe, in Paris, during the Pairs Fashion Week in 2021.


Not Just Pajama is selected and recommended by many well-know fashion presses edits, celebrities & influencers.

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