Detail of Silk Embroidered Sachet Gift Box Set

Among the enchanting selection:

  • the Heart-Shaped Book variant emanates a floral and verdant fragrance profile, with top notes of bergamot, lavender, and violet leaf; middle notes of lily of the valley, iris, and rose; and base notes of cedarwood and black vanilla, creating a gentle and leisurely atmosphere.
  • the Birthday Cake and Wine Glass designs offer a fresh woody scent, starting with apricot and orange blossom, leading to middle notes of gardenia and bok choy leaves, and culminating in base notes of white pine scent, cedarwood, and musk, crafting an ambiance of serene laziness.

Each scent has been carefully selected to transport you to a world of gentle tranquility, making the Little Joy Gift Box an exquisite choice for those who cherish the art of fine living and the joy of giving.

  • Sachet dimensions: 9x9 cm
  • Tie length: 16cm
  • Fragrance diffusion time: About 2 months