Sleep is crucial for everyone, and sleep with smooth and comfortable material is especially important to your skincare, you hair, even your health. Silk may be the best material in the world to sleep on and wear when you go to bed. Silk items, such as pillowcase and pyjama, are great bed items for your sleep. They bring many advantages to your hair, skin and care about people who have different skin problems.


The Advantages of Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcase is a symbolic silk embroidery that benefits your skin and hair. Silk is a smooth and relief material that does not leave sleep creases and frictions to your facial skin overnight. Silk embroidery contains natural protein compound ---- albumin that has large cellular regeneration which prevents your face from aging. Silk pillowcase is also an excellent caregiver for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Dust mite is one of the leading crimes that cause allergy symptoms to sensitive skin. Silk embroidery is the sleep guardian to all skin types, because silk is a hypoallergenic material that protects your face from dust mites.

Silk pillowcase also protects your hairs. Its smooth and gentle surface prevents your hair from breakages and split ends, while make your lovely hairstyle last longer. Thus, silk embroidery makes friendly pillowcases to both male and female from all skin types and age groups.


The Advantages of Silk Pajama

Body Temperature

Silk pajama is another symbolic silk embroidery that brings goods to your sleep. Silk has the function of keeping your body in an ideal temperature while sleep. The material of silk can be seen as a permeable layer between your skin and the surrounding environment. The silk embroidery helps us to either warm up or cool down our body temperature according to the change of the seasons. It always makes sure that we sleep with a balanced temperature and wake up fresh tomorrow morning.


Silk pajama shares similar skincare function with silk pillowcase. Silk embroidery makes ideal pajama that protects people with sensitive skin and allergies away from dust mite. The silk pajama with smooth and comfortable surface not only give them a peaceful sleep without interruptions, but also bring three important improvements to the skin condition of people with sensitive skin and allergies:

  1. Reduces skin inflammation.
  2. Reduces skin irritation.
  3. Removes itchiness from skin.

Moreover, the silk has a better moisture function than other fabrics. So silk pajama can retain all the hydration in the skin of your body, and silk pillowcase can keep the hydration of our face rather than losing them. Hence, silk embroidery can function not simply as bed items, but also as a nighttime skincare product.



Silk embroidery makes the best pillowcase and pajama that care for everyone’s skin, hair and health. We love to sleep with soothing bed items, and Not Just Pajama is where you can get the best silk embroidery for sleeping! From long sleeves to short sleeves, pure colour to designed style, you can find your choice here!