Are you looking to buy long or midi slip dress for yourself or for a friend? You’ll find what you’re looking for at Not Just Pajama! We are a brand-new take on modern sleepwear. Founded in 2015 and based in London, we create silk products that are both luxurious and fashionable. Every piece we create is unique and made from 100% organic silk. The use of natural silk in every piece allows for a sophisticated lifestyle. Apart from long and midi slip dresses, you’ll also find silk short sets, long silk pajama sets, silk dresses, French style silk short sets, silk lingerie, and silk home wear.

Our pieces are made using pure Mulberry silk. This is an organic fiber which has a comparatively low carbon footprint. During fabric production, we use specialized dye that is free of any harmful pollutants. The fabric production process involves thorough testing to ensure that the final product is free from the use of harmful chemicals. The best thing is that all our silk products are recycled. Waste production is reduced to a minimum when the fabric is produced.

Long and midi slip dresses

We have a range of long and midi slip dresses at Not Just Pajama. Our pajamas come in different styles and colors and we have separate designs for him and for her. Our silk pajamas are great for effortless style that allow you to stay comfortable as long as you are wearing them. Our motto “Pajamas as Outerwear” is what has enabled us to make a name for ourselves.

Queen of Chess Midi Slip Dress

The Queen of Chess Midi Slip Dress at Not Just Pajama is a gentle dress for power moves. The representation of life as a chess game embodies the balance between darkness and light. The retro inspired dress made of pure silk twill has a vibrating pattern and offers excellent durability. The mid-length durable silk dress has a flattering and subtle trumpet shape and comes with adjustable shoulder straps. The triangle lapel design on the décolleté makes it stand out from other traditional necklines. This is the perfect dress offering freedom of movement with elegance. Slip into the midi slip dress to move around carefree. It makes an outstanding gift package for that special someone too!

Long Slip Dress

The ankle length long slip dress at Not Just Pajama is made from 100% pure silk material and is gentle to wear. The dress is designed to make you feel sophisticated and comfortable even when you stay at home. The clothes and pajamas at Not Just Pajama are made in sustainable and ethical conditions. All our unique pieces are made in a small-scale factory using organic fabric.