Little Joy Gift | Loop-Loop Silk Puffy Scrunchies Gift Box

  • Vintage Inspired: Echoes the playful and carefree spirit of the '90s big hair trend, embodying ease and a joyful, childlike ambiance.
  • Retro Charm Revival: Not Just Pajama revisits this nostalgic element, infusing fun and vibrant colors into soft, voluminous silk hair accessories.
  • 100% Silk Material: Offers gentle support for your hair, minimizing damage and breakage associated with regular elastic bands.
  • Styling Versatility: Designed to complement a variety of outfits, these scrunchies add a touch of whimsy to any look, whether casual or formal.
  • Multiple Color Combinations: A selection of scrunchies in various colors to match your mood and outfit, adding versatility to your accessory collection.
  • Elegant Packaging: Comes in a beautifully designed gift box, making it a perfect present for a special someone or a delightful treat for yourself.
  • Excellent Elasticity: Crafted with superior stretch and resilience, ensuring a snug fit without becoming loose over time.
  • Assorted Sizes for Every Occasion: The set includes a mix of three sizes to suit any style or need: large scrunchies with a diameter of 19cm for a dramatic flair, medium-sized scrunchies at approximately 16cm for classic hold, and small scrunchies at about 7cm for a more understated elegance.