Females love to sleep in pyjama that comes from comfortable fabric, and the long silk dress from Not Just Pajama is the best choice for them. As pyjama made from silk, the long silk dresses have five advantages that no one can refuse to buy them. These advantages include skincare functions to the human body and improve the sleeping quality to make sure you sleep like Sleeping Beauty. 

Doctor of Skincare During Sleep

According to some previous studies, the silk material inside the long silk dress has four awesome advantages that relate to skincare and body health: 

  1. Dense and natural antimicrobial fabric that do away with dirt, mites, mould and mildew
  2. A compact structure that prevents us from microbes and other bacteria that can cause allergy symptoms and skin problems like eczema and asthma
  3. Natural protein structure, which scientists called hypoallergenic properties, and 100% organic origin make silk compatible with all skin types
  4. Absorbs and emits body sweats to balance body temperature during change of seasons 

These features only exist in silk material. Other fabrics like cotton and wool don't have those natural functions. The four features made the long silk dress becomes the most popular type of pyjama for females across the globe.

A long silk dress made from natural and organic silk material is a large skincare layer that protects the whole body from dust, mites and allergies every night. The long silk dress would be an awesome present for females with sensitive skin or suffering from skin problems such as asthma and acne. Although the long silk dress is not a medical pyjama that made for treating skin problems. However, the protein and compact structures within the silk can mitigate their pain to an extent during sleep, and improve their sleeping condition.

Sleep with Comfy and Beauty

The long silk dress has a smooth and soft surface that fits all skin types. Everyone wants to sleep in soft and comfortable pyjama after a busy day, and a piece of long silk dress matches this important demand. The long silk dress, with its natural function of body temperature regulation and the large size that covers the whole body, becomes the best female pyjama for all seasons. 

Aside from its comfortable and natural skincare function, the long silk dress also looks after your beauty. Not Just Pajama has lots of long silk dresses in various designs: Swan-petal silk dress, Swan Gaze silk dress, Swan Allure silk dress, Home Gallery silk dress, etc. These stylish and comfortable long silk dresses reveal the elegant body shapes of females and suit them into Sleeping Beauty every night. 

Get Your Long Silk Dress Now! 

The long silk dress is now attractive and multi-functional pyjama for females. It is not only a nighttime nurse to the skin of females' bodies but also a stylish and gorgeous pyjama that keeps females beautiful even when they are sleeping. Not Just Pajama is selling multi-functional and stylish long silk dresses, come to get your new favourite pyjama now!