Luxury Silk Pajamas for Your Comfortable Nights

Want to get the most of your sleep to feel relaxed and inspired every morning? It all starts with the sleepwear you slip into every night! Browse our elegantly made silk pajamas that are a pure nighttime indulgence for your body and mind.
Inspired by traditional styles, the 30s and 60’s chic, and modern fashion trends, this nightwear collection is designed to bring comfort to your sleep and remind you that you deserve the best. It’s awash with silky-smooth and soft pajamas for men and women and even offers great work-from-home options.
Not Just Pajama is your go-to for pajamas, long-sleeve nightshirts, sleeveless nighties, bloomers, pants, shorts, and more. Made of 100% pure silk and other skin-friendly materials, they are unmatched sleepwear for the whole family.

Put Yourself into Silk Sleepwear with a Retro or Modern Touch

Whether for yourself or someone you love, you can find something truly incredible here. Every detail matters in our silk pajamas, from premium-quality fabrics and embellished buttons to original designs and gentle colors. These aesthetically pleasing and well-fitted options will become your favorite nighttime pieces. Buy pajamas in two-piece sets or separately and drift off into your dreams with gentleness!