There are times when you feel like wearing a gorgeous no bra dress, and there is nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you choose the right no bra dress and use some tricks to make the outfit look good.

no bra dress


Why Wear a No Bra Dress?

There are various reasons why women choose to wear a no bra dress:

  • The dress is super stylish
  • You want a bra-less look
  • The dress has a beautiful deep-plunge front
  • The weather is too hot
  • Wearing bra results in scratches and marks

Some women feel comfortable in a no bra dress

When wearing a no bra dress, women need some kind of support while others need to cover their nipples. Most ladies will require both. Here are some tips and tricks for wearing a no bra dress and still looking good.

Choose a Dress with Built-In Support

There are a huge number of no bra dresses that come with built-in support. This support can be in the form of bra cups, shelf bras, or elasticized lining. Moreover, these ‘no bra dresses’ don’t have specific bra sizes because obviously a particular dress is meant to fit different breast cup sizes. Halter-neck style dresses and backless dresses have built-in support because they do not look good with regular bras.

Sew Bra Cups into Your Dress

If your ‘no bra dress’ doesn’t have any built-in support, don’t worry. All you have to do is take an old bra and remove its cups. However, you can also buy cheap custom sew-in cups. If you know needlework, this won’t be a big issue. Otherwise, you can take your outfit to a seamstress and get the job done, and that too in very little time.

no bra dress

Breast Petals/Pasties

Breast petals are perfect for concealing your nipples when wearing a ‘no bra dress’. They are disposable sticky flowers that fit nicely on the nipples. Additionally, they are designed to go well with all types of outfits. The main benefit of breast petals is that they are reusable. But remember, for them to stay in place, they require tight-fit clothing.

Tape Your Bust

There are a variety of tapes that can be used to shape and support your breasts. It is best to go for medical-grade tapes because they are gentler on the skin and are easy to remove. When applying duct tape, make sure you apply padding to cover your nipples. You can tape your breast either vertically or horizontally, depending on your dress.

Body Adhesive/Hollywood Fashion Glue

If you are planning on wearing a ‘no bra dress’, you can consider applying a body adhesive on your breasts to avoid any movement from bra cups. This kind of glue is beneficial with low neck or strapless dress. It’s a great way of preventing your clothing from slipping and showing way too much.