Everyone longs for luxury sleep every once in a while, and what better way to get it than using a silk eye mask! 

In order to get restful sleep, the first and most important aspect is to make sure the surroundings are comfortable enough for you to sleep well. If you don’t have blackout curtains, you can consider wearing an eye mask to bed. You can also wear one during the day if you have to take a quick nap but cannot turn off the lights in your room.

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Using a silk eye mask to bed can significantly improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits offered by silk eye masks:

Ideal for Sensitive Skin – Unlike cotton or other fabrics, silk is hypoallergenic and contains natural anti-bacterial properties. This makes it ideal for use on the delicate eye area. Silk also has a smooth coolness and a silk eye mask soothes your skin and will not cause any irritation. Similarly, if you are suffering from skin conditions like rosacea, dermatitis, or eczema, you will find the silk eye mask to be quite soothing.

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Improved Sleep – By wearing an eye mask when you sleep, you make sure that the sleep environment is dark enough to enjoy some beauty sleep. If you do not wear an eye mask, your body will not know that it is nighttime. By wearing a silk eye mask, you ensure total darkness when you sleep and boost your body’s melatonin levels, allowing you to sleep better.

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Beauty Sleep – You will be surprised to know but the use of a silk eye mask can act as a night-long beauty treatment while you sleep! Silk also contains naturally occurring proteins and oils that help care for your skin.

Reduced Frown Lines – If you experience light disturbances when you sleep, it can cause you to frown while you sleep. These frown lines can contribute towards aging lines and wrinkles. By wearing a silk eye mask, you prevent any unwanted light to disturb your sleep, hence protecting you against premature wrinkles.

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Smooth and Gentle to Wear – Silk eye masks are smooth to the touch and will rest against the delicate eye area gently. They won’t tug or crease your skin. Also, they are lightweight and the silk-covered straps they come with make sure that the eye mask stays on all night. When you sleep comfortably, you’ll enjoy a restful sleep.

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Can be used for all seasons – Silk eye masks can be enjoyed all around the year, no matter the season. They are cool and silky smooth to the touch and the breathable material allows insulating which should feel warm during the winter season and cool during the summer.