Silk is the best material in making excellent pyjama, and the silk dress is a treasured present to sleep in for females. Females want to finish busy day with the best skincare products and sufficient sleep. The silk dress is the best pyjama to put on when sleeping. It has several advantages that enhances sleeping and function as the last layer of skincare for body health.  

Protect Skin From Ageing 

According to previous studies, silk contains natural protein and plenty of amino acids which soothe the facial lines and wrinkles by relaxing nervous of the body. Silk also has natural chemical components that enhance the speed of metabolism of the skin. That means the silk dress supports the development and reparation of our skin cells when we sleep in them. 

The Gate of Breathing to Skin 

The silk dress is a gorgeous gate of breathing to the skin. The materials of silk dress are long and smooth fibres. That means, instead of blocking air into the fabric like synthetic and natural fabrics (such as cotton), the silk dress creates a gate for air to travel around the fabric while welcoming fresh oxygen into the skin. The result of this advantage is that silk dress takes good care of people with eczema and other skin problems such as acne. Females with sensitive skin can sleep well in silk dresses.  

The cleanest and safest pyjama  

Silk dress has four features that make it becomes the cleanest and safest pyjama to put on when sleep for females. First, silk is a dense and natural antimicrobial fabric that is resistant to dirt, mites, mould and mildew. Second, scientific studies found that silk has compact structure that prevents us from getting microbes and bed bugs which can cause allergy symptoms, and skin illnesses such as eczema and asthma. Third, according to previous researches, silk is 100% organic origin that contains natural protein structure called hypoallergenic properties. Together, these two scientific features make silk dress compatible to all skin types. Silk dress can help mitigate the pain of females who have skin problems when they are sleep. At last, silk dress absorbs and emit body perspiration, and helps to regulate body temperature.

These four features make silk dress the cleanest and safest pyjama that never holds bacteria in the fabric, which is totally different from cotton, wool or goose fur that have higher possibilities of worsening skin condition.


Silk dress is a layer of skincare that females can wear when sleeping. No one can refuse a multi-functional silk pyjama that not only balance your body temperature, but also protect your skin with natural protein and compact structure that prevent your skin from microbes and other bacteria. Silk dress that guards skin and body health is a must need to all females! Not Just Pajama offers you different styles of silk dresses: Dalmatian, Swan Petal, Ballerina, Liberty, Dolce Vita, etc. What are you waiting for? Come to get your silk dress now at Not Just Pajama!