Not Just Pajama

100% Silk Pillowcase (One Piece)


Sleeping beauty secret weapon, because as the saying goes, “Happiness consists of getting enough sleep.”


Gentle benefits:

Discover the luxurious silk experience while treating yourself to an alternative way of self- care on a daily basis. Beyond a restful night of sleep, this sustainably sourced silk pillowcase will rejuvenate your skin, and ensure that your hair is kept in good condition.

Personalize your pillowcase with a delicate embroidery HERE.



  • 100% pure silk material with low carbon footprint and free of any harmful pollutants
  • Silk helps in solving sleep troubles & has well known therapeutic properties such as the following:
    • Calms the nervous system
    • Great for problematic skins
    • Anti-aging
  • A great choice for people with curly or wavy hair
  • Quality fabrics for long lasting item
  • Exquisite details & finishing touches such as French pipping details and delicate ribbons
  • Available in seven radiant colors
  • Outstanding vintage envelope gift package
  • SIZE: 74*48 cm


 To clean your silk products, please refer to the following tips and tricks:

  • Gently hand wash the product at a low temperature (below 30℃), and keep it separate from other clothing. You may also have it dry cleaned.
  • Use a specialized silk washing agent, and avoid using alkaline based detergent, disinfectants, soaps, washing powder, etc.
  • Do not soak the product for a long time, and do not wring it dry. Lay it out to dry in a cool, well ventilated area that is not exposed to the sun.
  • When ironing, keep the temperature below 120℃.
  • Store the product in a cool and dry place, without leaving anything heavy on top of it. Keep it away from mothballs or any other products with chemicals.

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