Our Values & Sustainability


Sustainability is of key importance at Not Just Pajama. We are committed into making you feel sophisticated and comfortable at home, and ensuring that the clothes you wear are made in sustainable and ethical conditions.

Not Just Pajama has been supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals since Day 1. Our values are integrated throughout our entire supply chain, from sourcing to distribution, ensuring that each member of our community is enjoying suitable working conditions.

Our long-lasting unique pieces of clothing are made in a small-scale factory, where organic fabrics and traditional know-how are at the center of every single creation we make. What drives us is our hope to make a better future, through ethical, responsible behavior.


Not Just Workers

Not Just Pajama stands firmly against child labor and human trafficking. We make sure all of our community evolves in good working & living conditions. We believe that our workers' well-being is our top priority, and therefore continuously provide them with free, specialized training courses, as well as overseas tourism, to help them blossom throughout their journey with us.

We are also committed to ensuring our workers fair wages, in order to thank them for all the hard work they do.

We put big efforts to keep a personal connection with each and every one of our employees, building strong relationships. Happy workers is our number one priority.


Not Just Factories

Our brand abandons the typical assembly line to manufacture our products in a small, private factory.

You won't find any large industrial machines there, as we place high value on the artistic talent and sheer craftsmanship that goes into every single one of our hand craftsman.

Our small scale factory has been certified TüV SüD, an internationally recognized German safety and quality inspection provider, making sure that our workers are safe and protected.

All of our collections are exclusively made in our own studio, with amazing people working in our production line.


Not Just a Garment

When you buy one of our pajama, you're not only buying the product, you are also contributing to ensuring maintaining a long history of Chinese know-how silk production.

Most of our products are designed in a way that they can be reused for different purposes. Our gift boxes used to package our products are designed so that they can be repurposed as a household storage box.

We can thank our designers who are constantly working in order to create unique ethical pieces by including sustainability issues in their design from the very first stages.

As strong supporters of slow fashion, we always make sure to offer best quality long-lasting pajamas, that will try our best to keep you comfortable all year long.

We believe responsible production will drive responsible consumption and help see the radical change that the fashion industry needs.


(Not) Just Silk

We use pure Mulberry silk as our main fabric, which is an organic fiber with a relatively low carbon footprint, low soil and low land impact. Mulberry leaves trees help to store carbon.

Our fabric production processes use a specialized dye that is free of any harmful pollutants. 

All of our silk products are always recycled. We take special care to eliminate any waste during production. For example, leftover scraps of silk are sewn into patchwork fabric and made into silk sachets, cushions or hair ties.


Not Just Women

We support gender equality in the workplace. The founders of our brand are women, and currently 67% of our staff members are female. We cooperate with IPWS (International Professional Women's Society) and have been a sponsor of IPWS events several times.