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A Brand-new take on Modern Silk Sleepwear.

100% Organic Silk

Founded in London 2015 through original design, we creates silk products that are as young and fashionable as they are luxurious. Made from the finest, sustainably sourced silk, our mission is to bring "Gentleness to wear" to answer to a past-paced life for independent and gentle souls that we believe you embody so well.

15 Aug - 15 Sep, 2022

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Silk Pajamas Set

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Must-have Pieces

Best Silk Slips

A slip dress made of silk feels so lightweight and airy that you seem to be walking on clouds, no matter what the temperatures are.

Him Collections

Men Loungewear

Take a closer look at Not Just Pajama men’s silk pajamas paired with robes. Such a combo will boost your sleeping routine to the next level while providing out-of-this-world comfort.

All Seasons Essentials

Velvet Slippers

Elegant and comfortable, our classic ethical velvet sleepers are entirely handmade. 

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