Slip Dress

Silk slip dresses – Timeless all-season favourites

Hundreds of years on, natural silk still hasn’t been outperformed by any other material in terms of luxe feel, fabulous looks and thermoregulation properties. Genuine silk has a texture, skin-soothing effect and level of breathability like no other fabric. That’s why you will always look gorgeous in a silk slip dress from Not Just Pajama. It’s so gentle to the touch that every moment of wearing it is a moment of pure indulgence!

Whatever praises may be sung to high-tech textiles, they don’t even come close to keeping your cool in hot weather like natural silk does. A slip dress made of silk feels so lightweight and airy that you seem to be walking on clouds, no matter what the temperatures are. The unparalleled benefit of these gowns is adjusting to your body temperature, so they are great for cooler climates and seasons as well.