It won't be wrong to say that we are truly living and enjoying the golden age of pajamas. Especially since the pandemic started, we all have been mostly quarantined inside our homes, and comfortable PJ sets have played the role of a loyal companion.

All different kinds of pajama trend have been coming up, and we won't blame you if you are planning to purchase a luxurious and premium quality pair of PJs. 

Not just Pajama is here with the chicest and the most comfortable options for you to try out with a brand new take on modern sleepwear. We use pure Mulberry Silk as our primary fabric because it is organic and has a relatively low carbon footprint. The production process is free from any harmful pollutants, and the pieces go through further testing to ensure no toxic chemical is present. 

The pajama trend patterns always keep evolving, and whether you are a person who is into neutrals or solid colors or someone who loves prints, we have something for everyone here. Moreover, there is a wide variety of styles to try out, including long sets, short sets, velvet PJs, velvet slippers, silk dresses, and so much more. 

Silk Pajamas Short Set Short Pajamas

And it's not just sleepwear, hence the name "Not Just Pajama"! We have premium quality luxurious homeware pieces for you like silk bedding, Silk sleeping eye mask, and Silk pillowcases to help you have the most comfortable and satisfying sleep after a long, tiring day. 

Silk Pillowcases

Not just Pajama is all for sustainability. We want you to feel the best version of yourself, both in terms of fashion and comfort, balance showing that the pieces you wear are made sustainably and ethically.

Visit the official website- Not Just Pajama and explore the world of the best quality premium sleepwear for you or your loved ones.