Men’s Silk Pajamas and Homewares

Looking for nightwear that looks great, feels great, and sets you up for good sleep? Take a closer look at Not Just Pajama men’s silk pajamas paired with robes. Such a combo will boost your sleeping routine to the next level while providing out-of-this-world comfort.

Put it on, and you’ll never get back to non-silk sleepwear options. We’ve designed 100% mulberry silk nightwear that you’ll love as much as you love your night-out outfit. Besides classic men’s silk pajama sets in deep colors, you can go for more playful options inspiredby culture and fashion.

If you have trouble sleeping, fill your cart with a silk eye mask that perfectly matches your pajama. Ready-to-wear, our handmade nightwear can be a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Get a silk pajama set that feels like a hug!