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Customized Embroidery | Order Your Embroidery for Pillowcases & Pajamas


Not Just Pajama is proud to offer Custom Embroidery Services on many of our silk products.

This is committed to creating an elegant, time-honored experience with silk, all while adding a custom touch that makes every product feel truly personalized.


Steps to Enjoy the Customized Embroidery

  1. Choose you products and check from the details to see if they can be customized. 
  2. Put your chosen products into your Cart. 
  3. Put this embroidery service in to your Cart
  4. Add Order Note - Letters that what you like to embroider onto your products
  5. Check out & Payment
Type of Products
Embroidery Position
How many letters/words?
Pajama Set
No more than 8 letters
No more than 8 letters
"Bridal" or "Bridesmaid"
Bottom right
No more than 10 letters


If you need further help, please contact: 

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