Sustainability is of key importance at Not Just Pajama and we are committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We integrate our sustainability approach into our way of doing business throughout our value chain in line with our values.


1. Environmentally friendly production methods

    # Zero Pollution

    We use pure, natural silk as the primary fabric for our products. Our fabric production processes use a specialized dye that is free of any harmful pollutants. 

    Our brand abandons the typical assembly line to manufacture our products in a small, private factory. You won't find any large industrial machines there, as we place high value on the artistic talent and sheer craftsmanship that goes into every single one of our hand craftsman. (SDG13)

    # Zero Waste

    We take special care to eliminate any waste during production. For example, leftover scraps of silk are sewn into patchwork fabric and made into silk sachets, cushions or hair ties. (SDG12)


    2. Recycling

      # Environmentally friendly packaging 

      We have designed the gift boxes used to package our products so that they can be repurposed as a household storage box. (SDG11&12)


      3. Our people

        # Employee training and development

        We provide free, specialized training courses for our employees to help them continue to develop their professional skills. Industry experts are invited to provide intimate, dedicated workshops for our staff. Our training scope includes but is not limited to e-commerce, marketing, supply chain, storage, production, etc. (SDG4)

         # Team building

        We attach great importance to building strong relationships within our team. We regularly participate in team building activities, including an annual international retreat. We understand that taking care of our employees will result in a stronger, more productive team dynamic and culture. (SDG11)


        4. CSR

          # Safety

          The safety of our employees remains our top priority, and we take special care to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken in our workspace. Our factory has been certified by TüV SüD, an internationally recognized German safety and quality inspection provider. (SDG3)

          # Women in leadership

          We support gender equality in the workplace. The founders of our brand are women, and currently 67% of our staff members are female. We cooperate with Shanghai's IPWS (International Professional Women's Society) and have been a sponsor of IPWS events several times. (SDG5)